What Scholars Know about the Negroes


There is an old cliche that goes "if one wanted to hide something from a Black Person, put it in a book". Thankfully that is an absolute false fabrication made against a people that are hated and envied by there enemy. It's no secret that the history, heritage, culture, customs and language were stripped from the so called "Negro" during the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade cf. (Hosea 4:6). However, most fail to realize exactly how this incredible mission was actually played out and by whom.


Sadly in the 21st century if you ask an African American what people they descend from historically, you will more than likely get several different answers that all stem from what has been taught to them from Elementary school on up through the higher learning Universities. As most African Americans have been led to believe by there Christian pastors that the Negro Biblically descends from Noah's son Ham.


Historically and Prophetically speaking the Israelite records also known as the Holy Bible are by far the most accurate source of information that deals with humanity, their origin and future! This reliable source also prophetically describes with intricate detail the origin, downfall and future of the so called Negro. For example in the book of Psalms chapter 83, the Israelite prophet and song writer Asaph prophetically details what people would conspire together to physically and mentally take down the Negro and his descendants. The first Nation that Asaph mentions would also be the leader of the pack and that's the Edomites (Caucasion Tribes). 


Psalms 83:3   "They have taken CRAFTY COUNSEL AGAINST THY PEOPLE, and CONSULTED AGAINST THY HIDDEN ONES4 They have said, Come, and LET US CUT THEM OFF FROM BEING A NATION; THAT THE NAME OF ISRAEL may be NO MORE IN REMEMBRANCE. 5 For they have CONSULTED TOGETHER with one consent: they are CONFEDERATE against thee: 6 The tabernacles of EDOM..."


Now let us discover what has been hid from the so called Negro by their big brother Edom and his scholars as we delve into the Zondervan Compact Bible Dictionary.

PAGE 213

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As you can see the scholars know that the Negroes do not decend from the Hamites (Africans) as they have been educated to believe via slave masters/educators/ministers. So logically the question to ask would be, If the Negroes do not descend from Noah's son Ham which of his other two sons does he come from?


That only leaves Japhet and Shem. The vast majority of scholars all over the world will ALL agree that the descendants of Japhet are the original Europeans. The only real discrepancy among scholars and historians arives when trying to ascertain who Shem's grandsons descendants are in the world today.


The descendants of Shem through the line of Issac and Jacob (Israel) are historically the ONLY people that were prophesied to go into slavery by way of cargo slave ships and loose their identity, culture and language. This historical event that took place in the 16th century was prophesied by Moses thousands of years ago when the Southern Kingdom of Judah finally went into their last captivity (Deuteronomy 28:68).


2000 years ago Yahawashi (Jesus) also warned the Jews living in and around the Judean region, that upon seeing the Roman armies enter into the land to immediately flee into the mountains of Africa (Luke 21:20-24).


The well respected author, Professor and Historian Rudolph R. Windsor in his book "From Babylon to Timbuktu" shows how Biblical prophecy was played out in actual historical events:

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Over the next century these Israelite tribes of Judah, Benjamin and Levi fled further into North, Central, East, South and West Africa. The majoirty of these tribes fled to and were captured and sold from the coasts of West Africa.

16th Century Map of West Africa showing the Kingdom of Judah properly deemed the Slave Coast

Kingdom of Judah on 16th Century West African Map

The French geographer, writer and anarchist Elisée Reclus who spent many years among the West African tribes had much to say about the Negros in his book "The Earth and It's Inhabitants - Africa - Volume 3 - 1892"

Elisee Reclus

While comparing the Mandingo tribes with other Israelite tribes dwelling in West African on pg. 175 Reclus says:


"They have been compared to the Sarakolés the Jews of West Africa"


On pg. 267 talking about the tribes living in the Dahomey region of West Africa he writes:


"East of great PoPo begins the Dahomey territory guarded by the important town of Glehweh, known to Europeans by the various names of Fida, Hevedah, Whyda, Wida. The old writers called it Juda, and it's inhabitants were said to be Jews..."

Author & Professor Onwukwe Alaezi

The majority of slaves that were brought to the shores of North America are in fact from the Ibo/Igbo Tribe.


The respected Nigerian Author and Professor Onwukwe Alaezi, M.A.Ed., in his book "IBOS: Hebrew Exiles from Israel - Amazing Facts & Revelations" on pg. 39 writes:


"And today, even among all Ibos, there is a big confusion between the two names: Ibo and Igbo, which must once again be made clear. As has been pointed out earlier, whereas Igbo is the name of the stubborn, aggressive and adventurous cousin of Agulueri who was sacked from the kingdom of Eri because of his bad  behavior and who ironically later became more successful than all his brothers, Ibo on the other hand is the corruption of the English word Hebrew (corrupted as Heebo, Eboe and Ibo) the equivalent of the Jewish word Ibrit or rather the English version of Ibrit, Jewish name for the Israelites."

American Slave Poster showing

Heebo (Hebrew) slaves being sold

American Slave Poster Selling Hebrews (Heeboes)

Again Biblical scholars have always known that the original Jews (Negro's) have always been a dark skinned people even though the Scriptures tell you this truth plainly. For example King Solomon who is from the tribe of Judah while flirting with the daughters of Jerusalem (10th Century BCE) tells you that he's black.


Song of Solomon 1:5-6 "I am black, but comely, O ye daughters of Jerusalem, as the tents of Kedar, as the curtains of Solomon. 6 Look not upon me, because I am black, because the sun hath looked upon me..."


If you notice Solomon while describing his appearance compares himself to the people of Kedar. Here is a definition of "Kedar" from an 1813 Smith's Bible Dictionary:




















Even the New Testament tells you that the Jews are Negro's. During the time when the N.T. scrolls were written 2000 years ago the vast majority of Israelite tribes dwelling in that region were Jews because the other 10 tribes had already been scattered abroad (2 Ezra 13: 39-46). In the book of Acts it tells us that these Jews were called "Niger" which means black.


Acts 13:1 "Now there were in the church that was at Antioch certain prophets and teachers; as Barnabas, and Simeon that was called Niger, and Lucius of Cyrene, and Manaen, which had been brought up with Herod the tetrarch, and Saul."


When these Negro's arrived to the Western hemisphere via slave ships they were erroneously taught that the word "Niger" used here in Acts was pronounced Nijer (Ni-jer) with a "J" and not a "G".


The author, journalist and historian J.A. Rogers shows that this information taught to the Negro's is false. In his book "Africa's Gift to America" on page 61 had this to say: "These first Africans were variously called, Niger (from River Niger), Nigra, Neger, Ethiopian, Moor. Niger was pronounced not Ni-jer but Nigger.

1813 Smith's Bible Dictionary Definition "Kedar" Black Skinned Man

Kedar = Black Skinned Man

Niger was pronounced not Ni-jer but Nigger - J.A. Rogers

In fact even the American Government has always know that the so called African American's are the real House of Judah (Jews). In a White House memo dated Tuesday, January 28, 1969 to President Nixon, former Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger describes the Igbos as “the wandering Jews of West Africa-gifted, aggressive, westernized, at best envied and resented, but mostly despised by their neighbors in the federation”(foreign relations document, volume E-5, documents on Africa 1969-1972).


Shalawam/Shalom (Peace)


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