Ruach Ecad - Putting Power Back Into the People's Hands


This is the mission statement of the startup business, Ruach Ecad, which was started by Quinton Lewis, a young 23 year old entrepreneur that is wise beyond his years. Quinton found his passion from not just wanting to be a consumer, but more so a producer. Ruach Ecad is a family business comprised of his brothers Jalal and Ismail, and his wife Terran. Together they understand the concept of teamwork and unity to fulfill the common goal of working with the Earth.


Ruach Ecad is a gardening and landscaping company, that specializes in garden installation and landscape design for people who want to produce their own food or add curb appeal. This is what you may call their "brick and mortar" side of their business. Although Ruach Ecad loves the land, technology is quickly making its advances, so the internet plays a big role in their mission.

Quinton started internet marketing in November of 2014, and that propelled him to take the business to another level, making it more scalable. He possesses a strong passion for providing value to the people through the Ruach Ecad blog where him and his team write valuable articles with the sole purpose of empowering people.

By trying to expand Ruach Ecad through the Internet they strive to affect people on a larger scale. Quinton says that by really using the Internet as leverage to get their message out it will allow them to affect people worldwide and not just in Atlanta. "We want to be that positive image for black males, who find themselves witnessing and being the victims of innocent killings. We desperately need more positive images of young black males being valuable and uplifting their community."

One of Ruach Ecad's main messages is to "produce for yourself on all levels." Meaning to produce for yourself by growing your own food and entrepreneurship. Growing your own food is by far the most important aspects of any nation. Having food sovereignty is one of the first steps to becoming a self sufficient nation and at Ruach Ecad they strongly believe in that. Especially with all the chaos and deception in our current food system. It is imperative that we grow our food.


Many people are waking up and desiring to be diligent with their essentials in life. This enlightenment opens the door for entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship in the 21st is another important value to Ruach Ecad. Quinton and his team know that today's jobs are not promised and you have to be able create for yourself and others. It's beneficial and sustainable to the justice that we seek. Rather than depending on a system we are able to manifest our necessities and equally support ourselves.


According to Quinton, "if we are not encouraging the youth to at least think about going the entrepreneur route, then we are fulfilling Deuteronomy 28 and selling them into slavery." Strong words, but yet they are so true.

This young company is 2 years in the making and has so much in store for the future. They believe that change starts with the zeal of the youth. It is up to them to progress from the foundation of the elders and take claim of their power. Currently they have an e-book, Ruach Ecad: a practical guide on how to tend to your garden and your mind throughout the seasons of life, available on the website www.ruachecad.com. Be on the look out for this company doing big things now and in the upcoming future.

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