Below is a compilation of historical maps that undeniably show an Israelite presence within the land masses known today as Turkey (Asia Minor) Africa and America. The below maps also show an abundance of Biblical cities and names. For optimal view click on each image for enhanced zoom view. Additionally each image can be downloaded by right clicking, and choose the "Save image as" option.

An upside down map of Africa from 1520 showing the tribe of Issachar right next to the tribe of Judah (Niger/Judah).

A 1598 map of East Africa showing gentile kings paying tribute to a king of Judah, descendant of Solomon and Sheba.

1644 map of Africa showing that the now Atlantic Ocean used to be called the Ethiopian Ocean.

This African map of 1766 shows Judah tribes in Western and Central Africa as early as the 10th century. It also shows the Biblical Patriarch Nun in North West Africa, along with a desert in West Africa named after Adams son Seth.

1794 map showing ancient tribes of Judah in West, Central and Eastern Africa. There are also many biblical cities located in this map.

An African map from the 1800's showing a region named "Jakoba" which is Jacob.

1811 map of East Africa with many biblical cities and names. It also shows the Portuguese found one of King David's descendant kings in the year 1520.

This old map of Africa shows the vast area formally known as Ethiopia versus the tiny region in East Africa termed Ethiopia today.

This old African map clearly showing the presence of Judah located in West Africa where the Judah slaves were bought, sold and shipped all over the world especially to the Americas.

Old African map clearly showing an ancient Israelite presence all throughout the land called Africa.

1593 map showing a king Herod in South Central Africa.

This 1912 map shows how the Edomite (European) tribes sliced up the continent to their possesion fulfilling biblical prophecy.

This old West African map shows one of the Edenic rivers located in W. Africa, the river Pison.

Old map of South America showing a region named "St. Joachim" named after an Israelite King.

1750 map of Judea with the tribes of Israel and their lots of land.

Old map of Asian Minor and Caucasus mountains of Russia along with biblical cities mentioned in the the old and new testaments..

1817 map of West Africa showing the Judah tribes with a major presence in North West Africa classified by the name "Yahoodee" at the top of the map. Same map mentioned in the book "Hebrewisms of West Africa".

Old map showing the Kingdom of Judah and the Euphrates River located in West Africa.

1819 map showing the tribes of Judah in North Central Africa, identified by the name "Ajouda" French for Judah. As seen on the above 1912 map France conquered this exact region deemed Ajouda.

Old map showing the the Biblical cities Gilgal (Giligil) and Jericho (Kericho) located in Kenya Africa cf. Joshua 5:10.

Old map showing a cyclopse looking red/white man with one eye in the middle of his forhead lol.

1812 map showing Nazareth located on the West African coast, bottom of map..

1747 map showing the Biblical city of Endor located next to the Edenic river of Ghion in West Africa.

1747 map showing the Biblical city of Endor located next to the Edenic river of Ghion in West Africa. Also shows that the slaves that were shipped from this area are in fact "The Kingdom of Judah". It also shows a region in N. Africa named after Joshua's father Nun. The desert of Adams son Seth. Judah and Levi residing right next to one another in W. Africa. 

This old map shows Zion (Sione) in Central Africa.