Israelite Women in Nepal Keeping Torah

Israelite Woman in Nepal Keeping Torah



In July of 2013 The New York Times showed a brief video documentary visually demonstrating how the women of Nepal still practice an ancient custom that has been passed down from generation to generation. With this story there is some great news as well as some not so great news.


Unfortunately this story sheds light on some barbaric attrosities that are committed against the precious daughters of Zion. According to the Most High's laws no man is allowed to mistreat Israelite woman in any way (Deut. 22:25). This is the not so great news which is the ill treatment of Israelite woman who are being raped on a regular basis.


The great news however is that the Holy Scripture's prophecies always come to pass exactly the way YHWH said they would happen. All throughout the Bible from the Old Testament to the New speaks of the Israelites being scattered into ALL lands. There are many who falsely claim to be descendants of the ancient Israelites but there are a couple sure ways to identify the authentic chosen people.


One way is to see if they and their family fit the Biblical curses that were placed upon the Israelites in the last days. Another way to identify the descendants of the Hebrew Israelites is oral tradition that have been taught and practiced in their families for centuries. 


These Israelite women that dwell in Nepal still practice obedience to the laws of purity that were given to their ancestors. In the book of Leviticus chapter 15 we see that Israelite woman are to dwell in separate dwellings during their menstrual cycle due to being unclean. May the Most High Power of Israel bless and keep the daughters of Zion in Nepal and worldwide!


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