The Importance of Repetition in the Bible


It's no secret that when something is repeated over and over again that it carries a great deal of importance not only from the one giving it but also to the one who is receiving it! When it comes to the word of the Most High we the readers should pay extra close attention when HE inspires HIS prophets to pen a word or phrase down more than once. The purpose of repeating words and phrases in Scripture is without a doubt to imply emphasis to the reader and to the listener, therefore let us delve into the Good Book and see what and how often these words are repeated for our learning. This is not an exhaustive word list but after meditating on the list one should come to a clearer understanding of the Master's message to HIS people.


“God of Jacob” (25x)


“God of Israel” (223x)


"Living God" (35x)


"Most High" (130x)


“Israel” (2807x)


“Judah” (817x)


"Abraham" (265x)


"Isaac" (143x)


“Jacob” (414x)


“YAHAWAH” translated as LORD (8736x)


“YAHAWASHI” translated as Jesus N.T. (998x)


“Christ” N.T. (570x)


“Lord God of Israel” (121x)


“Our God” (246x) the 1st mention of “our God” in N.T. is Yahawashi in Mark 12:29


"Their God" (99x)


"My God" (156x)


“Children of Israel” (684x)


"Christian" (2x)


“Church” in N.T. (77x) - (122x) in O.T. Qahal-congregtion,assembly


"Scripture" (33x)


“Commandments” (220x)


"Keep the Commandments" (13x)


"Observe" (62x)


“Statutes” (137x)


“Judgments” (139x)


“Law” (668x)


“You shall” (785x)


“Holy One” (62x)


“Holy One of Israel” (31x)


“Tribes of Israel” (55x)


"Men of Israel" (70x)


“Mighty God of Jacob” (3x)


“Selah” (75x)


"Grace" (189x)


"Mercy" (369x)


“Righteousness” (345x)


“Peace” (499x)


“Hebrew/s” (53x)


"Elect" (26x)


“Gospel” N.T. (104x)


“Children of Light” (4x)


“Saints” (107x)


"Disciples" (244x)


"Poor" (242x)


“Mystery” (22x)


“Eternal” (50x)


“Knowledge” (222x)


“Understand” (111x)


“Faith” (258x)


“Covenant” (334x)


“Holy” (743x)


"Anointed" (105x)


“Wisdom” (359x)


“Hope” (165x)


“Kingdom of God” (71x)


“Joy” (209x)


"Meek" (20x)


“Bondage” (45x)


"Satan" (57x)


"Devil" (64x)


"Sin" (509x)


“Angel” (241x)


“Jerusalem” (1018x)


“Truth” (278x)


“Jews” (378x)


“Judea” (42x)


“Knowledge of God” (11x)


"Repent" (53x)


“Captivity” (161x)


“God” (4936x)


“Grace” (189x)


“Praise” (343x)


"Pray" (341x)


“Holy Spirit” (90x)


“Almighty” (100x)


“Moses” (877x)


"David" (1088x)


“Spirit” (550x)


"Salvation" (177x)


"Everlasting Covenant" (21x)


"Throughout your Generations" (13x)


"In all your dwellings" (5x)


"Feasts of the LORD" (6x)


"Passover" (90x)


"Sabbath" (154x)


"Holy Convocation" (16x)


"A statue for ever" (22x)



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