How Much Radiation is Your WiFi Device Leaking?


While most people all around the world now posses or use smart electronic devices the question has been asked, does using these devices pose any health threats?


There is growing concern with about the Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) emitted by hand-held devices, including tablet computers and the impact of this radiation on our health. Most of us use a desktop computer, laptop, tablet computer or cell phone on a daily basis, and some of us use all of these devices many times each day whether at work or play. The popularity of tablet use is growing much faster than the use of laptops and cell phones, and now, quickly becoming the device of choice.


Research has shown that laptops and cell phones pose a health risk from their Electromagnetic Field (EMF) radiation emissions, but how do tablets fair — is tablet radiation a factor we should consider? While tablet computers are coming out in smaller and thinner lightweight models that look pretty harmless, they can in fact, pack the same punch under the hood as these other devices — both in what they do and what they can do to you. Tablets have nearly the equivalent computing functionally and also emit identical EMF radiation that can be hazardous to our health. By their very design, they are used and carried close to the body, increasing our susceptibility to exposure to tablet radiation.


Tablet Radiation


All tablet computers on the market, including the ever popular iPad and iPad mini, Samsung Galaxy range, Google Nexus 7, and even e-readers such as Kindle and Nook use Radio Frequency (RF) signals such as WiFi which enables them to connect to the internet. So when you are using your tablet or e-reader, your device will be constantly transmitting and receiving RF electromagnetic frequencies unless you take steps to turn off WiFi or place your device in airplane mode.


Many of the modern tablets such as the iPad, Kindle and Galaxy range of tablets, have models that are also connected to a 3G or 4G cellular network as well, enabling them to connect to the internet via a cellular network for surfing the web, just like we do with our smartphone.


Essentially, tablets that connect to the internet via WiFi and/or cellular connectivity emit EMF radiation just like the WiFi from your laptop and cellular transmissions from your cell phone. This means that you are now being hit from two radiating sources. Two sources that present health dangers that you need to be concerned about when the tablet is close to the body.


But that is not all; there is also an oft forgotten third source of tablet radiation…your tablet also emits Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) radiation. ELF radiation is emitted from the components and circuitry found within the tablet. When current flows within, a very low frequency electromagnetic field is created. These emissions tend to be less of a health concern than in laptops, but nevertheless, this source of tablet radiation still presents a health concern.


Potential Health Impacts of Tablet Radiation


Scientific studies have shown that exposure to EMF radiation can impair brain activity and child development, and has been linked to a number of serious health issues, including: Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease, behavioral changes, autism, asthma, insomnia, childhood obesity, attention deficit disorder, cardiac stress and cancer. More specifically, tablet radiation exposure can lead to fertility issues in both males and females, DNA fragmentation, skin issues as well as other health risks.


Tablets are small, convenient, and easy to use, yet powerful enough to replace other devices in our lives. With all these attributes, we will continue to find tablets to be a better device choice in our lives. However, we must also consider the health impacts of tablet radiation, as when compared to laptops and cell phones, in many ways, a tablet emits the same EMF health dangers. When using tablet computers, it is important to keep space between yourself and the device as well as a tablet computer radiation case to remain protected.


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