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Is your family planning to have a reunion soon? Have you tried to come up with new ideas that will spice up next years Family Reunion? 7 Branch Designs has outlined 5 cool and trendy ideas for your Family Reunions:


Idea 1 - Analyze 


If your family has already had a reunion in the past that's a great starting point for this initial step. Now take out a pad and pen and take a moment to reflect back upon past family reunions. What were the positive and negatives that you can draw from in order to perfect next years gathering? Could the location of the reunion been in a better setting i.e. a cool park, rent a hall etc. Maybe a different choice of food, games or events could enhance future reunions.


Idea 2 - Family Reunion Team


You might be doing all this planning and organizing all by yourself which is a notable effort, however two is better than one and three or more can be a more effective approach to a successful family reunion. If your family utilizes each others strengths, the planning and execution can run as smooth as a baby's bottom. 


Idea 3 - Increase Attendance


Having more and new family members attend your reunion can definitely add some more life and fun to your list of family reunion ideas. One of the family reunion team members can have the task of gathering a list of family member names and contact information. For the best outcome this should be done six months prior to the start date of the reunion.


Idea 4 - Memorable T-Shirt Designs


Family reunions are some of the best and most memorable times in life, cherish it with a custom T-shirt design for your the whole family to wear. You can have some pictures of family members put on the shirt especially the patriarchs. Also the date and year are a must to include on the shirt design. If you have someone in the family who has an eye for design they can take this task of designing the shirts. If not there are companies such as 7 Branch Designs that provides quality affordable web and graphic design services especially for family reunions. 


Idea 5 - Family Reunion Website


If you really want to make all future family reunions exciting in a way that will encourage participation and involvement, get your own Custom Family Reunion Website. Your new Family Reunion website will allow you to share your family history with present and future generations, its also an easy way to share event details, photos, videos and stories, sell items, collect donations, and so much more. To find out more about getting your own custom built family reunion website click HERE. Family Reunion Website packages start as low as $99.


I hope this list of Family Reunion Ideas will aid in sparking up some new fresh ideas of your own that you could incorporate into making all future reunions and gatherings extra special and most of all unforgettable times with those that matter the most - Family!

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